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5 of the Most Unexpected FA Cup Shocks in Everton’s History

Diminishing reputation or otherwise, the FA Cup is stunning and superb, memorable and mysterious but, most importantly, it is shocking. The FA Cup makes one think of David vs Goliath, that’s if David was Shrewsbury Town and Goliath was Everton and the entire spectacle was set on a morbid afternoon in January.

From glutenous extravaganzas to torturous trouncing’s and marksman milkmen, the FA Cup is known for surprises, superlatives and super shocking moments.

So, with Everton’s latest FA Cup defeat in mind, we thought we’d look back at some of the most unexpected FA Cup shocks in Everton’s history.

Shrewsbury Town 2-1 Everton (2003)

FA Cup
Source: Football Memories

In 2003, Shrewsbury Town were in the dungeons of the fourth tier when they faced Premier League opposition in Everton; we mean, what could possibly go wrong. The answer: absolutely everything.

Nigel Jenson was the Shrews hero that day as he scored twice to cement Everton’s place on every countdown ever of the greatest FA Cup shocks.

Interestingly, Steve Jagielka – older brother of future Everton captain Phil – was an 81 minute substitute for Shrewsbury Town that day.

Manchester United 0-0 Everton (2-4) (2009)

Now, some may say that this score barely constitutes a shock. And for those who have seen their team win actual trophies, they’d be correct. However, to those born after 1995, this win was unexpected, shocking even.

Everton had grounded out 120 minutes of absolute boredom at Wembley and seemed simply honoured to be a part of Manchester United’s eventual win. But penalties are anyone’s, everyone knows that.

FA Cup
Source: The Away Fans

That said, when Everton’s opening pen was smashed over the bar many Evertonian’s began sneaking towards the tube station. One Evertonian famously stormed out and missed the entire shootout just metres away from his Wembley seat.

However, because of Tim Howards’ heroics and Berbatov’s nonchalance, Everton managed an FA Cup shock that was so shocking even they were shocked.

Everton 0-1 Oldham (2008)

A team made up of Stefan Wessels and James McFadden was always bound to lose to Oldham in 2008; and that is what they did.

John Sheridan’s Oldham stunned Everton in what was a prime example of both David Moyes’ ineptitude and the enchantment of the FA Cup.

Everton 1-0 Liverpool (2009)

This Merseyside Derby is as famous for an impromptu Tic Tac commercial as it is for Dan Gosling’s extra time winner.

What was so astounding about this FA Cup match was that Everton both deserved to win, and then did in the most Liverpool way ever.

FA Cup

Even though those watching at home may have missed the goal – instead, they watched a bunch of Tic Tac’s clowning around – those inside Goodison Park were sent apoplectic as Everton closed out the match.

Whether you’ve forgiven him for leaving Everton or not, Dan Gosling’s name is synonymous with the FA Cup.

Everton 0-3 Tranmere (2001)

FA Cup
Source: Tranmere Rovers

This FA Cup palaver was more of an embarrassment than a shock. John Aldridge’s (sorry to make it worse) side made the journey across the River Mersey and heaped FA Cup humiliation on Walter Smith.

Names such as Aldridge and Smith, and scores such as 3-0 show just how dark those days were. However, Tranmere’s win must go down as one of the most unexpected FA Cup shocks in Everton’s history.

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FA Cup

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