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The Big Fat Everton Quiz of 2018

2018 was a turbulent year to say the least. The previous 12 months has included two mangers, one caretaker manger, numerous new players – some good, some not so good – and departures, incident, the good, bad and everything in between and therefore, plenty of material for a good football quiz.

We’ve designed 15 football quiz questions to test your knowledge of everything Everton from 2018.

The Big Fat Everton Quiz of 2018

There are questions on Silva, goals, opponents, quotations and plenty of other conundrums for you to see whether or not you really know your history. Enjoy!

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Football Quiz

The Dixie Dean Hotel is set to complete Liverpool’s upcoming Football Quarter. The luxury venue will sit opposite the now famous Shankly Hotel, which celebrates the existence of Liverpool’s iconic manager.

The unique hotel will present Evertonian’s with an unrivaled football experience, perfect for overnight stays, watching the match and basking in and enjoying unseen memorabilia: which is guaranteed to improve your knowledge of everything Everton.

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