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7 Reasons Why We Love Goodison Park

Everyone remembers when they were introduced to Everton. Whether it’s the emotion, the camaraderie or something as simple as the stench of the troth in the Gwladys Street end, Goodison Park has a special place in the hearts of Evertonians.

There have been numerous moments to remember at Goodison – but The Grand Old Lady is about much more than what occurs on a matchday. For each Evertonian, those moments and memories are unique to them, but, what we can agree on is that everyone, young or old, can remember their foremost memory of Goodison Park.

So, as the song goes, we “got moving” and got ourselves “down to Goodison Park” and picked seven of our favourite quirks and kinks that’re unique to The Grand Old Lady.

The County Road Crowd

Goodison Park is unique in that it towers above the terrace houses that surround her. Now, this may seem somewhat sentimental for a bygone era however, the reality is, that come matchday County Road transforms into an obstacle course in which not standing in horse muck is the ultimate goal.

Young Evertonian’s have been told to watch out for that horse muck for years, and every young Evertonian has stood in it one time or another.

The only thing that changes when you get older is that nobody warns you about it when stumbling out of The Winslow.

Standing in the Gwladys Street

Source: Liverpool Echo

It doesn’t matter how many times or who asks you to be seated, you never do. What you do is look at the steward as though they’ve got three heads, as though they’ve asked you to do something so unimaginable, and take your seat only to then stand up the moment they turn their back.

When watching from the Paddock, your eyes are immediately drawn to a pocket of Evertonian’s who, we imagine, are politely explaining to the person in charge their reasons as to why they haven’t sat down for the entire match.

Turning Up Early for Z-Cars


Once you’ve heard Z-Cars it never leaves you and the emotion it produces, and the mayhem it sparks never wavers, it hammers in the back of your throat reminiscent of the latest of late winners.

This Everton anthem causes every Evertonian to cut short their pre-match pint in fear of missing out. Never has one song wielded so much power over its audience as this one.

Even on our countdown of the most memorable Everton songs ever, we were unable to mask our love for Z-Cars. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Learning 127 New Swear Words

When you went to Goodison Park you were probably told to expect some swearing and, if you were extremely lucky, you may have even been given permission to swear yourself. Nonetheless, you’re guaranteed to hear some colourful language when Everton play at home.

A great deal of that language may even come from those Evertonian’s bickering with the stewards in the Gwladys Street again.

Either way, nobody can deny that us Evertonian’s have a unique grasp on the English language.

Your First Pre-Match Pint in The Brick

Source: Google Maps

With its disgruntled locals who drink in there everyday but a matchday, with its colossal beer garden which those who aren’t in the know would simply label a street or its harassed employees who wince every time an Everton song is sung, The Brick is certainly unique.

To say you’ll never forget The Brick is an understatement. But, below the mayhem and broken windows is a sense of belonging, a sense that because your entire family has drunk in the same pub for decades you feel content and secure.

That said, nothing beats a sing song in The Brick before the match.

The Famous Speedo Mick

Source: Speedo Mick

Michael Cullen – or Speedo Mick, as he’s more commonly known – is an Evertonian like no other. A mainstay at Goodison Park Mick, in his now infamous Everton speedos and matching swimming cap, has raised both eyebrows and almost £100,000 for various organisations.

Speedo Mick has turned into a much-loved character who doesn’t look as though he’ll be hanging up his trunks anytime soon. His walking boots however seem practical in the circumstances, if not slightly out of place.

When You Know, You Know

Whether it’s the companionship, the sense of gloom that we seem to revel in or something as simple as taking your usual place in the queue for Lucky’s Blue Dragon. Be it bevying in The Brick, hunkering in the Hot Wok or wallowing in The Winslow, “once Everton has touched you nothing is the same.”

The Dixie Dean Hotel


The Dixie Dean Hotel is set to complete Liverpool’s upcoming Football Quarter. The luxury venue is to take pride and place opposite the now famous Shankly Hotel, which celebrates the existence of Liverpool’s legendary leader.

The unique hotel – unlike anything seen before – is to present Evertonian’s with an unrivalled experience, perfect for overnight stays, watching the match and basking in and enjoying unseen memorabilia.

To keep up with the latest news and developments, head over to our Facebook page or check back to the blog soon. And, while you’re there, why don’t you see how much Goodison Park features on our big, fat Everton Quiz.

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