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The Most Memorable Everton Songs Ever

Royle adored “Joe, Joe Mexico” in 1970, our marauding Irishman holds dear “£60,000, £60,000 Seamus Coleman” – and has done since 2009 – while David Unsworth loves Z-Cars. Everyone has their favourite Everton song and we’re exactly the same.

Every terrace chant means something to someone, whether that be a particular anthem sung at a particularly important time, or a memory linked to a certain song. In spite of everything, when Goodison is bouncing there’s nowhere quite like it.

The earliest reference ever found to any song sung by a crowd of Evertonian’s came at the 1893 FA Cup Final against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

So, we’ve decided to count down our favourite Everton songs to have ever been sung at the match.

All Together Now

A staple of the pre-match playlist, All Together Now is sung by The Farm and combines some of the bands favourite themes: socialism and brotherhood.

The Farm, who back in August 2018 performed at Signature Live Sessions, released the song in 1990 and, in 1995, it was adopted by Everton who changed the words to: “all together now for Everton.”

Although it is not sung in the stands, All Together Now sets the tone for the upcoming match and perfectly epitomises Everton’s socialist spirit.

This awesome Everton song is often a supporter’s earliest memory of the match.

It’s a Grand Old Team

Everton song

Now everyone knows the words to this one.

Whether it’s a verse, of which needs to be sung with as much energy as you can muster, or an anti-Liverpool slur, It’s a Grand Old Team has got everything an Everton song should have.

Sung in either celebration or encouragement, this legendary anthem has been roared at Goodison Park for generations.

Furthermore, the line: “and if you know your history” formed the basis of our big fat Everton quiz of 2018.

You Make me Happy When Skies are Grey

No other Everton song concludes with as much mayhem as this one. Starting slow and ending manic, You Make me Happy does exactly that.

The supporters who sing this tune – often in the bleachers of away stadiums – plead not to have Everton taken away from them; who would even do such a thing.

Forever Everton

Everton song

Every single home match is preceded by a spirited rendition of It’s a Grand Old Team, All Together Now and Forever Everton –155 seconds of bluenose breast-beating by Evertonians.

When “We’re up for the league, we’re up for the cup” booms from the speakers on a matchday, it’s hard to ignore the shivers shooting down your spine.

We don’t know why, but Forever Everton feels more special, rawer even, when played just before an FA Cup match.


Everton song

Now for the ultimate Everton song; the one that causes every Evertonian to cut short their pre-match pint in fear of missing the opening bangs of the drum.

Z-Cars is music to Evertonian ears. The roar of the crowd when the two teams emerge from the tunnel evokes a feeling that never dwindles.

Once you’ve heard Z-Cars it never leaves you and the feeling it produces from that day forward never wavers, it sticks in the back of your throat like a last minute winner.

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Everton song

The Dixie Dean Hotel is set to complete Liverpool’s upcoming Football Quarter. The luxury venue will sit opposite the now famous Shankly Hotel, which celebrates the existence of Liverpool’s iconic manager.

The unique hotel will present Evertonian’s with an unrivaled football experience, perfect for overnight stays, watching the match and basking in and enjoying unseen memorabilia.

So, to keep up with the latest news and developments, head over to our Facebook page or check back to the blog soon.

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