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The Ultimate Everton Gift Guide

Ah, Christmas. The season of generosity. Whether it is for your husband, neighbour, sister or secret Santa, you’ll almost certainly have an Evertonian to buy for this Christmas. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be stampeding through Liverpool ONE asking yourself whether or not your brother would wear something he most certainly wouldn’t.

But don’t worry. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate present to go into the blue stocking that’s perched above the fireplace or a piece of signed merchandise, we have you covered.

We’ve rounded up our pick of this Christmas’ best Everton gifts for every Evertonian.

Everton Monopoly

Monopoly; a Christmas staple of the argument timetable. The board game has caused some of the most heated arguments in history. Whether the banker is on the take or you’ve stacked those cards in your favour, Monopoly will divide families quicker than a derby winner.

Many households will be familiar with the traditional format – you know – Park Lane, Old Kent Road, The Waterworks and a little silver race car guiding you every step of the way.

But what if you’ve always wanted to nab a seat next to the manager or own Goodison Park? Well, this Christmas you can! The Everton Monopoly pays homage to everything the club has accomplished, be it winning the Cup Winners’ Cup or purchasing players like Wayne Rooney, Jordan Pickford and Duncan Ferguson.

We can’t guarantee that you won’t argue over whose winning, but what we can guarantee is that Everton Monopoly is the perfect Everton gift.

My First Match From Toffee Art


Now, if you want to stay clear of the club shop, then Toffee Art is the place to go.

The ‘My First Match’ personalised picture is the most thoughtful present anyone could hope to receive.

All Toffee Art need is the date of the recipients first Everton home match and they will design and frame the program from the game. They will also add their name, the date of the match and the two lineups to what is both a superb canvas and great souvenir.

The creators have also remodeled the periodic table with notable Everton moments replacing the periodic squares.

Anything from Toffee Art will guarantee a smile on any Evertonian’s face.

Everton Literature

Whose shelves aren’t cluttered with books that they say they’ll read but never do. Well, this Christmas chuck out War & Peace and replace it with one of these Everton books.

Dave Hickson: The Cannonball Kid, Harry Catterick – The Untold Story of a Football Great and Ronny Goodlass’ Bluenose are just some of the page turners on offer to Evertonian’s this festive season.

Faith of Our Families – which has our very own Dixie Dean on the front cover – is not only a captivating book, but it is also the ultimate Everton gift.

And no stocking would be complete without The Official 2019 Everton Annual.

Everton Gnome

It’s never too early to be daydreaming about lying in the garden with the sun on your face. Such a splendid scene could only be improved by one thing: an Everton gnome.

No Evertonian’s garden would be complete without a cheerful gnome guarding the garden dressed in an Everton kit.

This gnome – who you could name after any Everton icon you wish to – would be an ideal Everton gift for any keen gardener.

Everton Legends Tour

Make someone’s next trip to Goodison Park truly memorable with an exclusive Everton Legends Tour.

Mark Higgins, ex-Everton player and tour host, is joined by two Everton heroes, be it Graham Stuart, Graeme Sharp or the colossal Yakubu, at every tour as he gives invitees an experience to savor.

The Everton Legends Tour is an ideal way to get any Evertonian out of the house this Christmas. And, even better, this trip to Goodison won’t be spoilt by Everton conceding a last-gasp winner.

The ticket also includes an Everton gift and a 20% voucher to be used when buying even more Everton gifts.

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Everton gift

Soon to be the second luxury hotel in Liverpool dedicated to a football legend, The Dixie Dean Hotel will offer Evertonian’s an unrivalled experience.

The unique hotel is ideal for overnight stays, watching Everton matches and basking in and enjoying unseen memorabilia.

To keep up to date with the latest developments, follow The Dixie Dean Facebook page.