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7 Facts to Know About Everton Goalie Jordan Pickford

Everton’s very own Jordan Pickford was England’s hero this year in the World Cup. And the rise of the young player is certainly proving to be exciting to watch.

So, for Everton fans blown away by the keepers skilful saves and on-pitch charisma, we thought we’d gather some fascinating and funny Jordan Pickford facts.

Pickford Is From Sunderland, UK

Jordan Pickford facts
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Pickford was born in the town of Washington, in the city of Sunderland. Initially, he joined Sunderland’s Academy with a two-year scholarship in 2010. One of many Jordan Pickford facts every Evertonian should know.

Former Sunderland goalkeeping coach Adrian Tucker speaks highly of the rising star, telling the press “He’s a typical down-to-earth local lad, there is no arrogance to him, it’s all confidence.”

His Passion Began at An Early Age

Jordan Pickford’s goalkeeping experience can be traced all the way back to his primary school days! The tallest boy out of a group of 8-year-old’s, Pickford enjoyed being a goalkeeper at an early age.

Spotting his passion for the net while playing for his school’s youth team, Pickford’s mum and dad decided to enrol him at Sunderland’s academy. And the rest is history! The second of seven Jordan Pickford facts.

Pickford Keeps Active off the Pitch

When he’s not busy playing for Everton or helping England to the World Cup semi finals, it seems he likes to stay on his toes.

Former team mate George Honeyman told the press:

“Off the pitch, he’s the life and soul, no-one dislikes him. Everyone says goalkeepers are mad, but he genuinely is, he’s a nutter, in the nicest way. He loves his boxing, motocross, golf, he’s just a full-on, fun guy to be around.”

He’s Had a Warm Welcome Home

Washington’s very own football star has received a very warm welcome since the World Cup! In fact, Lidl have paid tribute to the goalkeeper by giving him a distinctive parking spec at the local supermarket! Like us, they are interested in some Jordan Pickford facts.

jordan pickford facts

Meanwhile, fans have been busy snapping photos of the Wrekenton store parking space and sharing them to social media. He definitely won’t struggle to find a spot.

Gareth Southgate is a Big Fan

Alongside the Everton goalie, England manager Gareth Southgate became the Nation’s sweetheart during the World Cup. And the waistcoat-wearing icon certainly sees plenty of potential in Jordan Pickford.

Southgate told talkSPORT:

“Pickford for me is the prototype of what a modern keeper should be. The number of touches you have with your feet is exceptionally high, especially in European football.”

Pickford Isn’t Opposed to a Takeaway

Though he may follow a gruelling fitness regime during the busy training season, Pickford was quick to treat himself after landing home.

jordan pickford facts

Back from the excitement of Russia, where did he choose to dine? Only the local Chinese takeaway. A man after our own hearts.

He’s Also Popular Amongst Everton Legends

Everton legend Neville Southall has also been keen to praise the talented keeper. Southall has been watching Pickford’s footballing career blossom with admiration.

The former Everton goalie told The Guardian:

“Jordan has to ask himself only one question now. How good does he want to be? If he wants to be the best in the world, then he must go for it because he’s got the tools to do it.

“He just needs to keep working hard, have some luck, stay clear of injuries and have the mindset of a top‑drawer goalkeeper. If people leave him alone, he’ll be England’s No 1 for the next 10 years.”

So, that completes our countdown of some of the most interesting Jordan Pickford facts around. We’re certainly excited to see what the future holds for the Everton star. What an asset to the team he has proven to be so far and, we hope, he’ll feature in some of the most memorable Everton matches to come.

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