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The Most Memorable Merseyside Derby Matches Ever

Everton and Liverpool contest yet another Merseyside Derby this weekend in the latest episode of one of the Premier League’s most compulsive dramas. Since 1894, there have been countless memorable moments across 125 years of fierce competition.

But what are the best?

From Sharp’s screamer to Johnson’s winner via decent debuts and disastrous incidents, here’s our pick of the most memorable Merseyside Derby matches ever.

The Carsley Derby | 04/05

Now known as ‘Super Lee Carsley’ solely because of his tremendous winner, the midfield maestro is the prime example of how this match can transform a person into an icon. Carsley’s strike from just outside the Liverpool box was, dare we say it, Gerrard-esc.

The chaotic scenes that erupted were immortalised not only by Carsley’s winner, but by the celebration that ensued; a celebration, nonetheless, that wouldn’t look amiss in a school yard at lunchtime.

Forever to be recreated by locals up and down County Road, the midfielder created a moment so memorable that the match was named in his honour.

Sharp’s Screamer | 84/85

Merseyside Derby
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When Everton crossed Stanley Park on October 20, 1984 it had been 14 miserable years since the Blues last won a Merseyside Derby at Anfield. However, they also arrived with a sense of optimism that would ultimately propel them to success that season.

Set in contrast to the hostile Anfield atmosphere, Graham Sharp’s screamer was simply spectacular. We believe the then Liverpool boss summed it up best: “It would almost have been a shame for us to score after a strike like that.”

As luck would have it, Everton closed the match out. If they hadn’t, Sharps winner may have been lost to the mundanity of a 1-1 draw.

Everton 3 – 0 Liverpool | 06/07

Reputations are formed on performances such as this. With the adulation of Evertonian’s loud in his ears, Andy Johnson scored a brace in a 3-0 rout that would cement his name in Merseyside Derby folklore. Sure, Everton had triumphed over their tormentors before, but this meant more, this was historic.

The centre forwards’ now notorious hands flaunted the emphatic score as pandemonium ensued that afternoon when Everton stole the show and Johnson elevated himself to hero status.

This performance was so perfect in fact, that it went on to feature on our pick of the best Everton matches ever.

The Perfect Start | 94/95

Everton were on the ropes when Liverpool came to Goodison Park in November 1994. A dismal run of results had saw the unloved Mike Walker relieved of his duties with Everton rock bottom of the table.

But, cometh the hour cometh the man. Joe Royle was appointed Everton boss and then proceeded to mastermind a much-needed 2-0 Merseyside Derby win. He even went on to win the FA Cup that very same season.

FA Cup Triumph | 08/09

This Merseyside Derby is as famous for an impromptu advert as it is for Everton’s extra time triumph. What was even more unusual about this FA Cup match was that Everton both deserved to win, and then did in the most Liverpool way ever.

Those inside Goodison Park were sent apoplectic as Everton closed out one of their best performances versus Liverpool.

Everton, on the back of that momentum, made it to Wembley that season, however they were beaten by Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.

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Merseyside Derby

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