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Make a Change, Get Involved, Join the Labour Party, Get a Free Meal

Be one of the first to dine in the new Dixie Dean Hotel for free, if you join the Labour Party.

This is the message that Signature Living owner, Lawrence Kenwright, sent out on his social media profile this week to encourage more people to try and make a change in the city he loves so dearly.

See how you can begin to make a difference by campaigning with the Labour Party in Liverpool and snap up the chance to dine inside the latest addition to the world’s first football quarter, with a free three-course meal in The Dixie Dean Hotel.

A Little Bit About Lawrence

So far, since starting out in 2008, Lawrence has given so much back to the city he loves, restoring some of the most stunning buildings that have long been part of Liverpool’s landscape throughout his life.

Today Lawrence is one of the biggest names in Liverpool business and as a man who actively promotes the progression of the city, both in terms of economic growth and cultural evolution.

Cotton Street Project - Lawrence Kenwright

His recent involvement in the homeless epidemic, which has run rife through Liverpool and indeed across the country over the last few years, has received masses of support from members of both the public and those in influential positions on the city council.

Now with the introduction of The Cotton Street Project, Lawrence’s plans to repair his beloved city and the lives of people who are living on its streets are becoming a reality. The Cotton Street Project aims to tackle the homeless crisis in the long run, coming away from quick fixes and temporary solutions by opening the gates towards brighter futures for those who want them.

Cotton Street Project

Echoing the Labour Party’s policies, Lawrence believes those who can, should look after the people who need it and support others who cannot support themselves.

Liverpool can work together to create a just and fair society for all within our own communities and beyond.

Why Join the Labour Party?

You might think that your opinion won’t make a difference and that one city in the UK couldn’t change the national problems we face but with people like Lawrence, and those who support and work with him, things in Liverpool can change.

Right now, important campaigns are taking place within parliament and Liverpool councils. Campaigns that focus on rebuilding a better future for those who live and work in the city and the boroughs.

Labour Party members can have their voice heard and really contribute to the things that matter such as maintaining local police forces, investing in social housing and securing fairer funding for the city overall.

No matter what your age, becoming an active member of the Labour Party ensures your voice is heard. Organisations within the Labour Party such as the Liverpool Young Labour group offer support sessions and monthly meetings where the youth of the city can voice their concerns and really campaign to make a difference.

It’s time to do your bit for Liverpool and stand alongside people like Lawrence who work hard to ensure a fairer more just community for those who are young, elderly or vulnerable.

Be the First to Dine at the Dixie Dean Hotel

Soon to be the second hotel in Liverpool dedicated to a legend In Liverpool football, The Dixie Dean Hotel will boast its very own elegant restaurant and bar.

Lawrence’s offer goes out to encourage those who want to make a difference to do so and reap the rewards, both long and short-term within the city. In a generation when social media has such an influence over young people, this offer is meant to inspire people to stand up and be counted.

Short term, new Labour Party members joining the week starting 28th October, will be able to dine in style, sitting down to a fabulous three-course meal in the entirely new dining establishment at The Dixie Dean.

The generous offer also extends to The Bastion Bar and Restaurant, if you cannot wait to get your teeth into a hearty meal. Simply bring your shiny new membership card along after you join the Labour party and tuck in.

Simply put, join the Labour Party and get a free meal, but there’s a lot more to Lawrence’s generous offer. Over 34,000 of Lawrence’s social media followers have seen his post, and a huge wave of supportive comments and messages have rushed in since it was published.

The general public of Liverpool have varied opinions on how to move Liverpool forward, but one strong similarity stands out, they all want to see support for the vulnerable improve.

Do your part and get behind the Labour Party in Liverpool. Make a difference and enjoy a delicious free meal as a bonus inside Liverpool’s next football hotel The Dixie Dean.

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