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The Best Dixie Dean Videos – A Legend in Action

A legend of the beautiful game and a true gentleman, we take a look at some of the most iconic and best Dixie Dean videos that show a true legend in action.

Still the owner of countless records and trophies, Dixie Dean was known for his incredible skill with the ball, both with his feet and his head!

The greatest Everton player of all time and an amazing icon, Dixie Dean is one of the most loved and respected players in football.

So, take a look at some of this fascinating footage and learn a little more about the Birkenhead-born hero.

The Good Old Days of Dixie

This amazing video shows some of Dixie Dean’s very best moments, all played to the soundtrack of his famous song.

You can see some of his greatest moments, including lifting the FA Cup trophy, some of his most incredible goals, skilful training and ending with the magnificent statue which was created in his honour.

Everton Beat Rivals Manchester City in the FA Cup Final

Played at Wembley Stadium, this brilliant video shows how Everton convincingly defeated their fellow rivals and neighbours – Manchester City – in what will always be remembered as the All-Lancashire Final and one of the rare clear-cut victories.

Stein scores the first goal from a free kick, Dixie Dean had a few chances but missed them. At half time, Everton are leading 1-0.

Manchester City start the second half better and look a little threatening. However, Everton hold them off until Dean scores a brilliant goal. Eight minutes before the full time whistle, Dunn heads a third goal for Everton, crowning their victory.

This is probably some of the best footage featuring the legendary Dixie Dean.

Famous Sports Commentator Charles Eade on Dixie Dean

In one of Charles Eades famous Sportshots short videos, he gives us a snapshot of Dixie Dean and his dedication to football.

Described as an ‘energetic young fellow’ who takes part on ‘rigorous training’ to keep in shape, Charles Eades goes on to tell us how important skipping is when training for football.  Eades states ‘it develops the speedy footwork that is necessary for a centre forward.’

This brilliant video also shows Dixie boxing, dribbling and some slow motion footage of how Dixie kicks the ball and tricks the goal keeper.

It ends with a fascinating view of Dixie and Everton in action, ending with one of his many goals.

Dixie Toasts to Lancashire

A video that shows Dixie Dean as the true gentleman he was. Here we see him raising a toast to the FA cup staying in Lancashire, even if his team Everton don’t win it.

He is joined by Manchester City’s Sam Cowen, who seconds Dixie’s toast, showing real sportsmanship between the two rival players.

Everton are Promoted

One of the best videos from Dixie Dean’s era, it tells of when Dixie scored 5 goals at 7-2 win over Chelsea at Liverpool.

The black and white footage sees both sides come on to the field and cuts immediately to the exciting action as Dixie scores the first goals.

Everton seem to have all the chances in what was a great game for the blues.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our fascinating looks at the very best Dixie Dean videos. It’s not long until the Dixie Dean Hotel will open in the heart of Liverpool city centre, creating the worlds first Football Quarter. 

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