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Everton’s Exclusive Screening of Creed II

Football is a release in which the routine mundanities of life are urged to be forgotten. Football, rather than urging people to forget should, however, urge them to talk.

The People’s Place – Everton’s overarching purpose-built mental health hub – is aiming to deconstruct the taboo surrounding feelings of anxiousness, inadequateness and depression.

On Thursday 6th December, Everton in the Community will be hosting an exclusive screening of Creed II with all proceeds going towards The People’s Place.

The People’s Place & Everton in the Community

Those who routinely discuss footballing injuries seem incapable of discussing psychological ones. However, The People’s Place is aiming to promote positive mental wellbeing by encouraging people to talk.

This scheme is not only indicative of such a forward-thinking football club like Everton, but it is also important as improved mental health is associated with a range off superior outcomes for people of all backgrounds.


Sound physical wellbeing, improved educational achievement, and enhanced social interaction are just a chosen few of the results of improved mental health.

The People’s Place and Everton in the Community are based in the shadow of Goodison Park and have an ongoing commitment to tackling the taboo around mental health.

Everton in the Community (EitC) is one of the UK’s leading sporting charities. As Everton’s formal charity, it is considered one of the Premier League’s best community schemes due to the warm-heartedness of its volunteers and its various programs.

The hub is in L4 which, by Everton’s own admission, is in the most deprived 5% of neighborhoods in the UK. However, senior Everton FC executives such as Marcel Brands, Marco Silva and Denise Barrett-Baxendale, have undertaken a mental health awareness training seminar as part of the Club’s ongoing effort to promote positive mental happiness in the area.

This, together with the upcoming screening of Creed II, is an example of how Everton FC are attempting to dismantle the taboo around mental health.

Exclusive Screening of Creed II

Everton in the Community will be holding a special screening of the newest installment of the Creed franchise with all proceeds going towards The People’s Place.

The sequel will see Adonis Creed – played by the excellent Michael B. Jordan – vie with Viktor Drago, the son of his father’s murderer Ivan – portrayed by the returning Dolph Lundgren – as he attempts to honor Apollo Creed’s memory.

Everton FC

The boxing movie franchise has a strong Everton FC connection as Evertonian and former heavyweight World Champion Tony ‘Bomber’ Bellew played the antagonist in Creed, whilst Sylvester Stallone showed his support for the Club by attending a match at Goodison Park in 2007.

The Rocky Balboa feature, which also touches upon feelings of inadequateness, depression and abandonment, is the ideal movie to help raise money for The People’s Place mental health campaign.

The private screening will take place at Cineworld Speke on Thursday 6th December at 8pm with tickets priced at £10.

You can purchase tickets here!

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Everton FC

Soon to be the second luxury hotel in Liverpool dedicated to a football legend, The Dixie Dean Hotel will offer Evertonian’s an unrivalled experience.

The unique hotel is perfect for overnight stays, watching Everton matches and basking in and enjoying unseen memorabilia.

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