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“The Song of the Marines”: Traditional Songs Sung in Football Changing Rooms

The inside of a football teams changing room is a mysterious place. Fans don’t get a look in and of course, there are some unknown rituals, pep talks and traditions that take place inside that are known to only team members.

One ritual that often has unknown origins is the traditional songs sung before each and every match. The strangest songs are often belted out from inside football changing rooms before the players take to the fields. In the case of Everton, The Foundations “Build Me Up Butter Cup” is today’s anthem.

Back in the day, however, as far back as Dixie Dean’s day, a much more rousing song was sung to rouse the team ready for the match ahead.

The Song of the Marines

When Dixie Dean and his teammates were gearing up to play the tune of choice was a little more masculine than Butter Cups could ever be.

Written by the man who brought us hit songs such as “That’s Amore” and “Jeepers Creepers” The Song of the Marines was spirited and triumphant, despite its rather sad message.

Many could speculate as to why the song was adopted by the team.

Perhaps the maritime conations struck a chord with the boys or even the mention of the colour blue when the lads are saying bye to “Sally and Sue”. The Song of the Marines was even used widely on many Warner Bros cartoon, sung by Daffy Duck and his friends in animated shorts.

So, maybe the Everton lads were fans of those Looney Tunes?

Either way, it’s easy to picture the likes of Dixie Dean and Scotsman Jock Thomson belting out The Song of the Marines before stepping out onto the fields.

Why Do You Build Me Butter Cup?

You may wonder how on gods green earth such a song could end up becoming a team song. Despite its bouncy tone, the song is rather sad, all about heartbreak and rejection so why chose it to sing before a big game?

Turns out the Blues Youth Academy were made to sing the sixties pop song as an initiation of sorts and after a while, the first squad were enchanted by the tune and began using it as their anthem.

Compared to some of the other traditional songs sung in today’s football, this one seems fairly normal.

Feel Good Football Team Dressing Room Anthems

Today there is such a kaleidoscope of music as well as cultures within football dressing rooms therefore chosen tracks are often a mixture of player favourites.

Apparently in Liverpool Football Clubs team changing rooms,

“The last song that gets played before we step out on to the pitch is ‘God’s Plan’ (by rapper Drake). Then it’s down to business.”

In the days when Simon Mingolet played for the team.

Roy Keane famously expressed his concerns about Sunderland’s choice in pre-match music in his autobiography, believing ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” didn’t quite set the pace for the task ahead.

At Manchester United, Schweinsteiger enjoys listening to a few Mariah Carey classics, whilst Arsenal favoured the Rock n’ Roll punk sound of Iggy Pop.

And how about French player Pogba making up his own stirring chant to honour his teammates after winning the 2018 World Cup.

Often changing rooms in stadiums are close to each other and therefore the choice of tunes from one team to another can often be heard in the halls.

It is down to players and managers to choose music that gets them pumped up and brings players together, ready to face what lies ahead or celebrate a victory for a game well played.

In the case of Dixie Dean’s Everton, “The Song of the Marines” brought the team together and helped them go on to win the game after game, becoming one of the greatest top-flight teams in British football.

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