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The Impact of the World’s First Football Quarter

Signature Living are planning to bring The Shankly Hotel and the new Dixie Dean Hotel together on Victoria Street to create the worlds first ‘Football Quarter’ in the heart of Liverpool.

Aiming to boost the city’s tourism offer and create hundreds more jobs locally, this proposal is an exciting concept for the city.

To celebrate the beginning of construction work on the Dixie Dean Hotel, we take a look at how the Football Quarter will impact the city and benefit Liverpool’s tourism.

The First Football Quarter

Football Quarter in Liverpool

The Football Quarter will be situated between The Shankly Hotel and the soon to be completed Dixie Dean Hotel on Victoria Street.

The first of its kind in the world, it is hoped that this area of town will become a tree-lined pedestrianised area, with beautiful statues commemorating the footballing greats.

Chris Carline, the grandson of Bill Shankly and the daughter of Dixie Dean, Barbara Dean recently expressed their excitement about the prospect of the Football Quarter on Radio City.

Talking to the host Steve Hothersall, Barbara said the plans were “absolutely wonderful, the whole family are thrilled to have the honour of being part of something so special.”

Chris said the football quarter was “a fantastic thing to do for the city . . . We are applying for planning permission to pedestrianise the area of town, however we do face a number of challenges, with the current traffic flow.

“But, working with the city council, we hope the area can have a boulevard feel, which will draw people in to the city. It will be the perfect place for people to visit and find out about the history and the heritage of both football clubs.”

A Boost to the City

Not only will the Football Quarter boost the city’s tourism offer, this outstanding proposal will also create hundreds of jobs locally.

It will encourage a draw to the city and a platform for the hundreds of thousands of additional football visitors to enjoy an experience like no other.

The Football Quarter will be a fantastic place for locals, football fans and tourists to come together, enjoy a piece of history and make some fantastic memories.

Liverpool has long called for an area of the city where Evertonians and Liverpudlians can celebrate their combined success in football, and what better place than between two iconic hotels that pay tribute to sporting greats.

If the area is allowed to be pedestrianised, it will boost that end of town and widen the tourist centre of Liverpool.

It Could Only Be Liverpool

There’s no doubt that Liverpool is immersed in football history, it’s something you just can’t escape when visiting the city, it’s infectious and an asset we’re proud to embrace.

That’s why the introduction of an amazing proposal such as the Football Quarter is something only Liverpool could accommodate.

Now more than ever it has shown the friendly spirit and healthy rivalry between Everton Football Club and Liverpool Football Club.

Despite their on-pitch differences, you’ll never find a more welcoming community than those in Liverpool and it’s this friendly rivalry which has helped the city become what is it today.

Driven apart by an undying passion for football, but united by a respect and honour for their great city, Liverpool and Everton’s rivalry in the Merseyside derby is a unique one that has roots as deep as any in English football.

The Merseyside derby is built upon the respect between the fans, which is why Liverpool is the only city that could create the first Football Quarter.

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