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Special Event to Mark the Return of Dixie Dean Medal

Dixie Dean is heralded as a hero to the Blues. With his record-breaking performances and down to earth personality, he was a true man of the people during his reign at Everton. Now, a special Dixie Dean medal will be returning home to the place where he made his name known.

The Dixie Dean medal is one of Everton’s most cherished and will soon be back in the hands of the club for one night only with a very special event.

The League Championship Dixie Dean Medal

Dixie Dean Everton

Following Dixie’s record-breaking 60 goal season in 1927-28, the Birkenhead born footballer was presented with the League Championship medal after Everton won the league in a nail-biting win against Arsenal. A feat that seemed out of reach at the time, but Dixie’s hat trick pushed the team over the edge to victory.

The medal was awarded on May 5th, 1928, the winning year to Dixie Dean and was a coveted medal of the time.

The medal was lost in the sands of times for years and the last time it was in the public eye, it was being sold at auction in Glasgow in 1991 to collector Gordon Wallis.

Research by Everton Heritage Society member and former Liverpool Echo Sports Editor, Ken Rogers, led to the discovery of who had bought the medal and where it was being held. Rogers convinced Wallis to bring the special football medal back to its home for one night only.

Special Celebration Event

the dixies

Ninety years later, on the eve of the anniversary of the Dixie Dean medal presentation, Everton will host a celebration event to honour the memory of one of their greatest achievements.

Hosted at the People’s Club Lounge at Goodison Park on Friday 4th May, a day before Everton entertain Southampton on the pitch, the event will not only mark the anniversary of Dixie’s greatest achievement but will offer the chance for fans to take a look at the Dixie Dean medal.

It will mark the first time the medal has been at the stadium in decades and is going to be one not to be missed for Blue supporters. The event will be an exhibition of Dixie’s achievements over the years, as compiled by the Everton FC Heritage Society.

There will also be the opportunity to hear tales of the great man himself from the people who knew him best. The evening will be hosted by Ken Rogers, with the owner of the medal, Gordon Wallis, revealing the real reason he bought the medal at auction.

The People’s Club Lounge is an appropriate venue for the event, with it looking down on what used to be Goodison Avenue, where Dixie lived in a terraced house during his playing years. Plus, it is located near the goal end where his record-breaking 60th goal went in the back of the net.

Tickets are available to buy online and everyone is invited to learn more about the player that left a permanent mark on blue hearts across the city. Priced at £10 each, follow this link to get your ticket for Friday 4th May today:

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