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Does the Liver Building Belong to Everton?

It is rumoured that the Liver Birds oversee separate sections of Liverpool. One looks inwards and watches over the locals, while the second statue stares outwards and watches over the Scouse sailors.

However, it is also rumoured that the two seabirds are an argumentative couple, facing away from each other because of an ongoing dispute. It is this fable that best epitomises Everton and Liverpool’s ongoing feud: Who has the largest claim to the Liver Birds? Everton or Liverpool.

Below, we’ve put forward our argument for Everton Football Club.

Everton and The Liver Birds

Liverpool – the second city of the empire – a locus whose wealth is based upon its seafaring adventures and Everton, the original, an inaugural member of the Premier League and once nicknamed ‘The Merseyside Millionaires.’ And, although Everton are no longer known as ‘The Merseyside Millionaires,” they are owned by one who has recently purchased The Royal Liver Building for £48m. So, does that now mean that the Liver Birds belong to Everton?

In 1891 – twelve months before Liverpool Football Club even existed – Everton were crowned Football League champions and thus, were presented with the newly commissioned championship trophy. To commemorate their success, Everton commissioned their own winners’ medals and there, in the centre of the chrome hexagram, was a Liver Bird.

Now, this may seem unusual but, as Everton were the leading football team in Liverpool, it was an obvious and uncontroversial choice. Everton were also regular recipients of Liverpool Senior Cup winners’ medals and there, in the centre of the golden memento was, another Liver Bird.

Nevertheless, in 1938, Everton decided to use Prince Rupert’s Tower on their club crest rather than the Liver Bird. The club opted for a more civic emblem, more associated with the local area rather than the town which, at this point, their arch enemies had adopted the name of.

However, 80-years later in 2018, Farhad Moshiri’s purchase of The Royal Liver Building has reawoken this once dormant debate.

The Liver Building

liver building
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Everton’s chairman is a businessman and his purchase of the Royal Liver Building, you’d imagine, is purely for business reasons. However, even the mildest of Evertonian’s would admit that his new acquisition is somewhat antagonistic, whilst turning the Liver Birds blue this Christmas didn’t go down particularly well with Liverpool supporters.

“The Royal Liver Building is so much more than a landmark – it is a symbol of Liverpool,” said Everton’s chairman. Indeed, the seabirds are an icon of Liverpool, but now, with their blue beaks and Everton crested bodies, they look more like Evertonian’s than Kopties.

And so, if we were to determine the deserved owners of the emblem by who owned it first, then surely Everton are the lawful owners of the Liver Birds.

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Liver Building

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