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An Interview with the Dixie Dean Family as They Sign New Hotel Contracts

“When the name went up that’s when it became a lot more real, it was wonderful,” Said Barbara Dean, on a day when The Dixie Dean Hotel became even more real; “and even more wonderful.”

So, when Barbara Dean, Dixie’s daughter and Melanie Prentice, Dixie’s granddaughter, sat down to put pen to paper on a contract that would see them team up with us on The Dixie Dean Hotel, we thought we’d have a chat with the Dixie Dean family about the whole occasion.

From their pride and excitement about the entire adventure so far to the assortment of beers behind the bar here’s what Barbara, and soon to be director Melanie, had to say about what was a proud day for everyone involved.

A Done Deal

the Dixie Dean family

The Dixie Dean Hotel is set to complete Liverpool’s upcoming quarter dedicated to the beautiful game. The luxury venue is to take pride and place opposite the now famous Shankly Hotel. “To have it opposite The Shankly is wonderful” said Melanie, as we sat and chatted in the hotel she had just praised and toasted.

Furthermore, Barbara and Melanie are to mirror Chris Shankly’s involvement in The Shankly Hotel. Chris is a director and co-owner of The Shankly Hotel and is looking forward to working with the Dixie Dean family.

On a day when both Melanie and Barbara Dean put pen to paper on a deal that would see them work with us, our conversation turns towards the man of the hour and what he would think about the hotel. “He would be shocked that someone would want to build a hotel in his name” said Melanie, before her mum exclaimed: “It’s so lovely for Melanie to be so involved, he’d be happy.”

The unique hotel – that both Barbara and Melanie described as “beautiful” – is to provide Evertonian’s with an unsurpassed experience that Dixie would be proud of.

“Determination Can Get You Anywhere”

the Dixie Dean family

“A humble man who stood up for the underdog, even to his own detriment” is how Barbara described her dad; a sentence that made Melanie smile when said out loud.

It’s clear to see how proud and pleased the Dixie Dean family are of his achievements, as are the mass of Evertonian’s that chant his name on a weekly basis however, it was Barbara who summed up the entire event when she exclaimed, almost unprovoked: “determination and courage can get you anywhere.”

In the 1927-28 season, Dixie Dean scored 60 times for Everton in 39 games. Barbara echoed her dad’s famous comment that there’s only one man who would ever beat his record and, as we waited with bated breath for her response, our pens primed she remarked: “The man who can beat it can walk on water, that’s the only one.”

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Dixie Dean family

We are ecstatic that Barbara and Melanie have decided to work beside us on The Dixie Dean Hotel. On Monday 11 February, in a location that would put any press conference to shame, Melanie put pen to paper on a deal that sees her become the hotel’s Guest Relations director – an achievement her mum was very proud of.

As our conversation drew to a close, Melanie and Barbara spoke of their excitement to be working with hotelier Lawrence Kenwright – a man who shares both Dixie’s and the Dixie Dean family’s determination.

On a day of celebration and remembrance, Melanie spoke of how Dixie Dean “loved the city centre.” And so, what better way to celebrate his achievements, his accomplishments and his character, than to construct a hotel in his honour surrounded by the people and area he loved.

“We can’t wait” concluded the duo, packed with pride and excitement as they smiled for the cameras.

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