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The Best Everton Christmas Trees Ever

Christmas can be tough for Evertonian’s. You know, because of all those rosé baubles, maroon ornaments and, of course, Santa Clause’s red coat. Is there any wonder why then, that numerous Evertonian’s opt for an Everton Christmas tree over the celebratory season?

So, whether it be blue – or not so blue – baubles, or colossal snow-coloured unicorns, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the most notable Everton Christmas trees from Christmas’ long ago.

Koeman’s Catastrophe

No Evertonian’s Christmas tree should ever feature the colour of a certain foe; that means no baubles, no tinsel, no nothing. However, back in November 2016 Ronald Koeman, then Everton manager, chose to decorate his Christmas tree with pink pompoms and red ornaments. Is there any wonder that Koeman was given the boot in advance of decorating his Christmas tree in 2017.

Koeman tried to atone for his mistake by uploading a picture of an Everton Christmas tree, but the damage was already done.

Blue’ish Baubles

Now I know we said that no Evertonian should ever have anything red on their Christmas tree, but this onetime Everton hero was unlike anyone else. This wintery snap was uploaded in 2017 and is as Christmassy as Christmas could be. We can overlook the red ornaments.

It is strange however, that so many Evertonian’s seem incapable of buying blue baubles.

The only reason Evertonian’s are able to overlook the red ornaments is that Deulofeu’s snow-coloured shih tzu is cute as cute could be, oh, and he was good at football. The cartoon slippers get him a pass also.

Pickford’s Colossal Christmas Tree


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A somewhat more recent snap now as Jordan Pickford showed us his Everton Christmas tree and, although it has everything from penguins to reindeer on it, there’s not a red bauble in sight. This festive feature is Pickfords’ soon to be spouse Megan Davison’s creation complete, once again, with a snow-coloured shih tzu.

But, once again, there’s no blue baubles. Then again, is there even any room? Maybe there’s a spot somewhere round the back.

Everton Christmas Tree

Now that’s a Christmas tree; and it most certainly has blue baubles on it. In fact, the entire Christmas tree is made out of Everton baubles. That’s how its done! This colossal Everton Christmas tree takes pride and place outside Goodison Park and can be seen from County Rd.

The word ‘Goodison’ is illumined in blue neon and adds to what is an already festive spectacle, while the clusters of blue light which hang bellow the stadium are truly wondrous.

Maybe Jordan Pickford, Gerard Deulofeu and Ronald Koeman could have borrowed a blue bauble or two.

A Cahill Christmas

We take it back, that’s a Christmas tree! The kangaroos’ Christmas tree is not only fixed up with Socceroo baubles, but it’s also sprinkled with an Everton kit and blue Christmas crackers.

This Christmas snap was taken in Australia in the midst of a summer heatwave, and it’s still an improvement on Koeman’s tree; but what would you expect from someone like Tim.

The Socceroo international – whose only just packed it in at the age of 40 – looks like he’s unable to even get his head down on anything but a blue cushion; now that’s how you do it.

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Everton Christmas tree

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